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    About Us

    about us
    At Taste of Texas Barbecue Inc. we have been refining that art for decades. Now, the barbecue taste that has delighted hundreds of thousands across the Lone Star State will be delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the continental U.S. ABSOLUTELY FREE for orders of $150 or more!! Yes,for a minimal shipping cost, we will gladly ship barbecue packages ranging from $ 50.00 to $ 149.99.  For further information on our barbecue delivery schedule and also for the shipping costs for all barbecue orders that range from “$ 50.00 to $ 149.99”, (going to the same shipping address) please click here to visit our shipment cost and date of delivery schedule page .

    To maintain the highest food safety and freshness standards to our customers, “All” of our barbecue is “USDA Federally Inspected” , fully cooked, and vacuum packed.  Then we quickly shipped it to you in our “Free & Reusable”  temperature  controlling shipping coolers.  Right to your front door! Just read the easy to follow heat and eat instructions on each package, and you are ready to have a fantastic “Texas Style” barbecue meal in the matter of minutes!  To sweeten your barbecue  package, a “Free Quart” of our famous barbecue sauce comes with each barbecue order!


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